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Lensvelt Raw versus Sophisticated

Duoshow of Ingrid Heijne and Eugénie Ligthart at Lensvelt:
‘I think the combination of raw and
sophisticated will be very interesting…’

Ingrid Heijne and Eugénie Ligthart

Exhibition from the 4-th of March till the 20-th of March.
Opening cocktail Friday the 4th of March, 17:00 – 20:00
The artists, Ingrid Heijne and Eugénie Ligthart will attend
Location: Herengracht 178, Amsterdam.

Meet these two wool artists! Eugénie Ligthart works with sheepskin and has a raw, wild and natural style. Ingrid Heijne makes very sophisticated works of wool and felt with a ‘Japanese’ touch. A couple of weeks ago, they met for the first time for a very special reason. Hans Lensvelt decided to invite both women for a duo exhibition at the Herengracht.

Hans Lensvelt: “I think the combination of the raw style of Eugénie and the sophisticated works of Ingrid will make a very interesting combination when shown in the same room. One night, I even dreamt about it. The next morning I decided to invite them both for an exhibition.”

Was Hans Lensvelt right? It’s up to you to decide; you are very welcome to visit the opening of Eugénie Ligthart and Ingrid Heijne on Friday the 4th of March at the company of Lensvelt on Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam.