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Interview by MDBA Architects Barcelona

Today we have an innovation inside our interviews in MDBY…an image in which the artists show how they see their life, their work. It’s curious to see how each one shows it on a paper, and not through the material they work with.
And today it is released by Ingrid Heijne designer, who realizes objects in felt and paper, and tells us a bit about her work and her philosophy of life.

You have a great collection done in felt and in paper, how did you learn to make hand-knotted felt and the Japanese “kumihimo” technique? It is really nice.
Traditional fashion and product techniques always have fascinated me. Several of these techniques are used in different cultures called with different names, but all have all kind of functional applications in history. By applying this technique in another way and in another scale there arises something new and esthetical. The techniques I learned just by studying books and practice it.

Does felt have a special meaning for you?

Felt and Wool, it’s going back to my roots. I was born on the country side in a part of the Netherlands that is called Drente. Where there is a special sheep race, the Drenthe Heath Sheep, with long curly hair, a sort of dreadlocks. In the holiday periods we went to my anti’s farm on a Island called Texel, famous because of its sheeps, wool and sheep products. So I grow up with it. Felt is a natural, very primeval, ‘earthly’ material. Nice and soft material to feel and to work with.

You create a 3d dimension with felt and also with paper, do you work on this materials directly testing it, or you develop first a drawing and you follow it?
I take a blank sheet, a scissors and then I cut en bow. A form or structure arises. When i find this feeling of being ‘mine’, and abstraction and poetry is in the form, then I work directly with the material. In felt or in a special paper. Because each material has it’s one substance, tactility, flexibility, thickness and scale that’s suitable.

Are you inspired by Japanese culture?
Yes, it feels like (my) nature

Do you fabricate by your own designs?
Most of the work is made by hand. For some parts of the work we use technique by machines, For example cutting/ laser or color printing.

What means color for you?

With colors and light I can create an atmosphere and seduce. I apply colors very balanced and like to be inspired by the colors in landscapes and nature. Full or an accent.

Who in the industry do you admire?

Artist painters.

Have you ever had a mentor that has supported and guided you?


What is beauty for you?

The tension between perfection and imperfection.

Tell us a how a normal day in your work is.
9 to 6 en more…I am very disciplined and focused so I work and live my life 24/7

Who do you surround yourself with?
Warm and sincere people

Which would be an ideal project?

To create a big abstract sculpture floating in the air…

Which ones have been the best moments of your professional life?
Living in the moment.

And the worst?

Which is the most difficult from your work, and what you like more?
Time and time

Which is the best advice that you have received? And the advice that you will give to?
Have an open mind.
Images by Hugo Thomassen and Wouter Jansen